Terms and Conditions

You agree to pay all charges for this use of the facilities of Camp Willochra in accordance with your Conditions of Hire at the rates applicable effect of 1st January in the year the camp takes place. The conditions of Hire are set out below

You have full responsibility for the group and agree to pay for any loss or damage caused by the Group or any Member of Visitor of the group to Camp Willochra.

You understand that the management of Camp Willochra has the right to cancel the hire of the facilities at any time should any use or proposed use of the facilities by the Group be in the absolute discretion of the Management of Camp Willochra, inconsistent with the beliefs or purpose of the Management of Camp Willochra

The management of Camp Willochra and its Staff accept no liability or responsibility of any loss or damage to property or, injury of or to any person and you will be responsible to ensure that all persons in the Group and their guests and visitors are aware of the Disclaimer.


BOOKINGS A tentative Booking will only be confirmed by receipt of an application form, signed and with the required deposit.


  1. If a Booking is cancelled up to 3 calendar months before the occupancy date, the deposit will be returned less a $55.00 administration fee if the site is re-booked. If the site is not re-booked the whole of the deposit is forfeited.
  2. If a Booking is cancelled less than 3 calendar months prior to the occupancy date, that group will be required to pay the higher amount of either the minimum account of 75% of the Total Expected Number or the minimum fee per night.


An application form and deposit must be made at the end of each camp to confirm the same allocated time period for the year following.


The Groups on-site organiser will be responsible for the behaviour of the group. The management reserves the right to ask any person who does not abide by the rules of Camp Willochra to leave the property. Any conduct inconsistent with Camp Willochra beliefs and purposes will be deemed unacceptable behaviour.


  1. Organiser: At the time of arrival the organiser is asked to meet with the Camp Site Manager.  An update of numbers must be given at this time.
  2. Final Numbers: Must be notified to Church Office by the date shown (item 5 on this application form). This number will be the minimum upon which charges will be levied.
  3. Catastrophic Fire Days: Camp Willochra is be evacuated on catastrophic fire days. If fire is in the area only evacuate if safe to do so. If evacuation is not possible refuge to be taken in the kitchen/dining room until advised by the Camp Warden that it is safe to leave. Adequate transportation must remain on site at all times during the bush fire season to transport all people if evacuation is necessary. An adult supervisor / carer must be accommodated in the Jubilee Wing when children are present so the activation of the smoke alarm system will alert the adult / carer.
  4. Cleaning: It is expected that the group will keep the site in a clean and tidy state.
  5. Accounts: A report form must be completed for each group informing final numbers and breakages. An account will be raised from this report and sent to the group following the camp. Fees for Camp Willochra increase from the 1st January each year and those fees will apply to your group irrespective of fees applicable at time of booking.
  6. Equipment: All facilities are provided for your use on the understanding that they will be used with due care.
  7. Alcohol/Drugs: Under no circumstances is any non-prescribed drug to be brought onto the property. A written request to The Registrar at PO Box 96, Gladstone SA 5473 or by email to registrar@diowillochra.org.au requesting moderate alcohol consumption during meals must be made prior occupancy date.
  8. Smoking: Camp Willochra is a no smoking facility and therefore no smoking is permitted on the property.
  9. Copyright: Each group must ensure they obtain all relevant licences prior to staying at Camp Willochra in regards to all copying, taping and playing of recorded music, VHS tapes and DVD’s publicly. Camp Willochra accepts no responsibility for unlicensed viewings or presentations.
  10. Dormitories: Are to be used for sleeping, resting and study only. No one is to enter the sleeping quarters of the opposite gender except in the case of family accommodation.
  11. Beds and Bedding: Mattresses are not to be removed from the bedrooms. Guests are required to bring their own pillows, bedding, sleeping bags and toiletries.
  12. Lighting: Please ensure all lights are turned off when not required.
  13. Fires: Strictly no fires during fire ban season. No fires may be lit without the permission of the Camp Willochra Site Manager and then only in the designated areas. You must provide your own wood. Be careful using the gas barbeque.
  14. Flora and Fauna: Must not be disturbed so the natural beauty of the property can be preserved. This also applies to neighbouring properties. Leave gates as you find them.
  15. Water: Please use this precious resource wisely.
  16. Breakages and Damages: Must be reported immediately to the Site Manager and all such breakages or damage must be paid for in the finalisation of the account.
  17. Adult Supervision: is required for children. Each group must have at least 2 adults on site at all times. One adult must be present for groups up to 10 for Preschool to Year 2 students and one adult for 15 students from Year 3 to Year 12.
  18. Swimming Pool: The swimming pool is available seasonal between the months of October and March subject to change as weather allows. Always shower and foot-rinse before entering pool. Non-compliance may result in the pool being closed. No jumping, bombing or running around the pool.
  19. Things Not Permitted: Gambling, firearms, pets, smoking on the property, drinks and food in bedrooms and the Chapel are explicitly not permitted at Camp Willochra.
  20. Items Not Supplied: Campers must bring their own tea towels and dishwashing liquid, soap and towels, first aid equipment, insect spray and sporting equipment.
  21. Late Departure: One week prior to your stay Church Office may be contacted to discuss a late departure time. This will only be granted on the provision that there are no other camps arriving later that day and on acceptance of late departure fees applying to each person at day visitor rates.
  22. Speed Limit: a 10 km/h speed limit applies within the campsite. Please use the carpark except for loading and unloading.
  23. Caravans and Tents: are not permitted on-site. There is a caravan park located within Melrose that will facilitate caravans and tents.
  24. Catering: Camp Willochra offers catering.



The applicant acknowledges that Camp Willochra and management of Camp Willochra will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to any property brought onto Camp Willochra. Should any claim be made for such damage to the property owned by any person associated with the applicant, or any other person or corporate body associated with such person, then the applicant will indemnify Camp Willochra and their management in respect of such claims.